WordPress 2.6 Was Released and Many New Features Comes With It

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If you haven’t know yet, there’s a new WordPress version released today, WordPress 2.6. The release is month quicker than it was supposed to, but hey..the quicker the better, right?

The new WordPress 2.6 doesn’t  just fix some bug issues, but it also comes with some new cool features that will make our blogging experience even better!

Cool New Features on WordPress 2.6

  • Post Revisions This features will allow us to view who made what changes and  when did the changes made to any post or page.
  • GEAR (optional feature)
    Gear is an open source browser extension started out by the people over at Google. This extension will help us to cache commonly-used CSS and Javacript files on our computer, making our WordPress-powered site a bit faster to load than usual. You can install Gears for Firefox or Internet Explorer, with support for Safari and Opera are still pending.
  • Theme Preview
    Just like it’s name, this feature will allow us to take a quick preview of certain theme before we activate it.

Well, thats not all, there are also some new features that you might like such as  Press This, Word Count, Image Captions, Drag-and-drop reordering of Galleries,  Full SSL Support, and many more.

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