Windows Vista Keyboard Shortcuts Keys

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In case your forgot or even didn’t know anything about keyboard shortcuts keys in Windows Vista, here are some of keyboard shortcuts in Windows Vista you probably want to know to speed-up your work.

  • Alt+F4 – Close the active window
  • Alt+Tab – Switch to previous active window
  • Alt+Esc – Cycle through all It will open windows
  • Win+Tab – Flip 3D
  • Ctrl+Win+Tab – It will open Persistent Flip 3D
  • Win+1 – It will open the 1st program on your Quick Launch bar
  • Win+2 – It will open the 2nd program on your Quick Launch bar
  • Win+n – It will open the nth program on your Quick Launch bar
  • Win+T – Cycle through applications on taskbar
  • Win+M – Minimize all opened windows
  • Win+Shift+M – Undo all window minimization
  • Win+D – Toggle showing the desktop
  • Win+X – It will cycle through the Mobility Center
  • Win+L – It will lock your computer
  • Win+U – It will open the ease of access center
  • Win+F – It will open the search window
  • Win+E – It will open the Explorer
  • Win+R – It will open the Run window
  • Win+B – Move focus to notification tray
  • Win+G – It will cycle through the Gadgets
  • Win+U – It will activate Ease Of Use Center
  • Win+Spacebar – It will moves the focus to the Sidebar
  • Win+Pause – It will open the System Properties
  • Ctrl+Shift+Esc – It will open Windows Task Manager

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