Why Choose cPanel Web Hosting

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The various types of web hosting supposedly created to make it easier for consumers to get customized solutions for their needs make it extremely difficult for a newbie to web hosting choose a plan.

If you have no experience with web hosting and need to choose a package to get your site online you should consider cPanel web hosting.

cPanel is quite popular among resellers and the majority of webmasters online for the simple fact that it makes management of everything related to your website simple and straightforward. Outlined below are some benefits of cPanel hosting.

All In One Site Maintenance

With cPanel you will be able to get your site’s backup files when you need them, observe disk space usage, create and customize error pages, manage web directories and install shopping carts and other applications with ease.

cPanel is one of the most flexible and easy options for maintaining and management of a website.

Backup Facility in Cpanel Web Hosting

It is easy to overlook the need to backup your site when you get caught up with the everyday operation of running a busy site.

Thankfully cpanel can make backups a breeze so that you can easily create and store backups of your data files, images, videos, emails and other types of content. If your website crashes for some reason you can easily recover your data and restore your sites with a few clicks.

Lots Of Useful Features

One of the primary reasons so many webmasters choose cPanel is due to the fact that it is extremely stable.

Other features include the ability to setup and manage emails, add or remove domains, view web stats, monitor bandwidth usage and much more. No other control panel comes close to the flexibility that is offered by cPanel.

Web Stats

You need to carefully monitor your site visitors, where the traffic is coming from and the amount of traffic that you are getting if you want to run a successful business.

Failure to find ways to increase your traffic and the quality of your leads will affect the success of your online business. This is the reason why web stats are so important. With cPanel you can view your web site and get the information that you need to make improvements and grow your business.

Email Management

Email management and spam protection are also great features of cPanel. Multiple email accounts can be difficult to manage but with cPanel you can easily assign your domains to your email accounts and even create an autoresponder for each email.

You can also set the spam filter to a level that you need in order to decrease the amount of incoming spam.

Fantastico & Softaculous

A very convenient advantage of cPanel web hosting is Fantastico and the recent Softaculous that you can use to administer your domain over a simple interface.

It makes the installation of popular scripts and applications such as WordPress, Joomla, and many others possible with one click. This removes the need for technical assistance that would usually have been needed to install these programs.

For complete control of your website management cPanel in a web hosting  is a must!

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