Starbox: An Easy Way to Add Effects to Your Rating System

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Web design is getting simplier than ever, many tools and and scripts will make the process of creating web site faster and they just keep growing, just like this Starbox rating.

If you want to easily add effects to your rating system in your site, you can try using Starbox, a free rating box build based on Prototype javascript framework.

Features in Starbox Rating

  • Allows you to adjust your previous rating through a feature called rerating
  • Easily save rating with Ajax using the build in callback
  • Allows you to style the Starbox based on status
  • Better seperation of Javascript, CSS and images
  • A ghosting bar that tracks your average
  • Custom event ‘starbox:rated’ is fired when your rate
  • Batched building of Starboxes based on cached overlay images

You can read more information on how to download and implement Starbox to your site at

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