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Selling your digital work is not as difficult as it was perceived. Musicians have always had money flowing their way among the art fraternity however, what about the digital artists like photographers who were always left behind because of dearth of a viable market but now they can make money selling photos online with iStockPhoto.

Yes you heard us right, sell photos online on iStockPhoto.

Internet revolution has created online marketplace like iStockphoto, which is primarily an e-store for photos, videos and audios taken or recorded by people as common as me. On this site you can upload and showcase to the world your digital art built on platforms like Macromedia Flash, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and even 3D art as well.

How easy it is to sell photos online on iStockPhoto?

It is very easy to start making money by selling photos and other digital work with iStockPhoto. All you need is to be a contributor. One can register for free on the site.

To be a contributor you would have to pass a small but simple quiz. After passing the quiz the applicant will be asked to upload 3 samples of their art. This is meant for quality check and testing.

Start uploading photos and start sellling photos online on iStockPhoto

After your initial photos have passed the litmus test of quality, you would be allowed to upload your creations on your account. Each time you would upload a stock of photos, they will be reviewed by the iStockPhoto staff, and only after their approval it can available for sale.

The contributors are paid commissions based on their sales and reputation. A new canister is paid 15% commission for each download of their photos however; the commission for exclusive contributors is as high as 40% per download or sale. This shows that making money with iStockPhoto is not a difficult affair.

The trick of the trade is that you will have to build your reputation as an iStocker for earning a 4-5 figure amount monthly.

So a contributor must take care of the keywords they use to optimize/categorize their art content, as it is what the buyer will use to search. To go up to 45% commission level of earning you need to have either 500 downloads or 50% approval rate along with 250 downloads.

iStockPhoto has canister levels for contributors where each significant higher level is achieved with a surge in number of downloads.

Increased upload capacity is the benefit provided to contributors with each level achieved, which enhances their chances of making money with iStockPhoto. After accumulating $100 in your account, you can ask for a cheque or get it transferred to PayPal.

After accumulating $100 in your account, you can ask for a cheque or get it transferred to PayPal.

If you are really serious about making money with iStockPhoto then submit photos on a variety of subjects. The iStockPhoto prefers to have a varied portfolio for its contributors else the initial contributors of niche subject face many rejections.

With a large buyer base around the globe the site is a big market place for an amateur or professional photographer.

With continuous effort and right angle of photography, you can slowly build a stock photo that can build a worldwide web reputation and make money with iStockPhoto for you.

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