Restore Joomla Administrator Password

As a human being, we sometimes forget about something. But what if we forget about something important to us, such as our web administrator password.

If you use Joomla, if you forget your password you could just simply click on the “Forgot password” menu, and the new password will be sent to your email address.

But what if your Joomla site is still in your computer (localhost), and your computer couldn’t send email because there’s no mail server or you are not connected to the internet.

Here are some steps to help you gain access to your Joomla administrator page back.

  1. Login to your phpMyadmin, and select your Joomla database.
  2. Browse your Joomla users table.
  3. Then edit the your administrator password from the user list.
  4. Change the password in the “password” field into “226776f356d7ecf58b60bab12a05d38f” (without quotes). Save the changes you’ve made.

Now, you can login to your administrator account with “joomla” (without quotes) as the news password.

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