phpBB 3: New Improvements, New Cool Features

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phpBB, one of the most pupolar forum software released its newest version phpBB 3 not so long ago.

So, what’s new in phpBB 3? What makes it better than other competitors and what made Joomla.orgofficial forum migrate from SMF to phpBB not so long after phpBB 3 was released?

phpBB3 is full-packed with lots of new features compared to the previous version. According to it’s developer phpBB 3 represents over 5 years of hard work on development process from some of the most talented web developers in the world.

Many improvements and new features have been made to phpBB 3, some of them are:

Improvements on phpBB 3

  1. Registration
  2. Search System
  3. Private Message
  4. Admin and Moderator Control Panel
  5. User Management
  6. Polls, and more

New Cool Features in phpBB 3

  1. Tableless layout
  2. Add several cool features to attachment system
  3. User Control Panel (User CP)
  4. Custom Profile Fields
  5. Able to create unlimited sub forums
  6. Add several cool features too caching & performance system
  7. New moderating tools
  8. Able to detect search engine spiders
  9. Languange pack editing, and many more

And why did migrate their SMF-powered forum to phbBB 3? The guys at said that although SMF was great, but it wasn’t licensed under GPL.

As a result many of Joomla users who like to follow the choices developer made were going to run in to integration issues in the future. They also added that the team at phpBB have been great, with many of them offering to help.

phpBB 3 - Administration Page

Still curious about what phpBB 3 can do for you? Why don’t you give it a test on your localhost and see how it goes from there.

Download phpBB 3

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