Enable Joomla SEF Feature

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Actually it is easy to enable Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs in Joomla. You only

Improve Vista Performance When Using Aero

Your computer running to slow when you used Aero in Windows Vista? Maybe your video adapter is too old to be used with Windows Vista. If you can’t afford to

Restore Windows XP ZIP File Opener

By default, Windows XP can open .ZIP file type without using any other 3rd party software. But sometimes, if we uninstall a 3rd party file compression software doesn’t restore Windows

Show Super Hidden Files in Windows Vista

Some important files for Windows Vista are hidden by default. This is to prevent those file from being touched or accidentally deleted, these files are super hidden files. But if

Windows Vista Keyboard Shortcuts Keys

In case your forgot or even didn’t know anything about keyboard shortcuts keys in Windows Vista, here are some of keyboard shortcuts in Windows Vista you probably want to know