Moving Joomla Site From One Server To Another

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These are a few steps you need to do and prepare if you plan to move your Joomla site from one server to another. These tips also helpful if you plan to move your Joomla site from your localhost to a live site.

First thing you need to do is relax and stay calm, hmm maybe you’ll a cup of coffee too. Ok, off we go now…

1. Copy Files

Copy all of your Joomla files to your new server. It would be better if you compress all of your Joomla files into 1 (one) file (.zip or .tar.gz), then copy that file to your new server and extract the file using puTTy or any other relevant program.

Don’t forget to dump your Joomla database to the new server using phpMyAdmin . I’ve wrote a tutorial on how to backup and import your Joomla database, you might want to read it first.

2. Change Configuration

In the new server, open your configuration.php file, and then make sure that all these parameter is correct according to your new server location.

Remember, you only need to change these parameters listed below, you don’t need to change any other parameters.



$mosConfig_absolute_path: "home/public_html/joomla";
$mosConfig_cachepath: "home/public_html/joomla/cache";
$mosConfig_live_site: "";
$mosConfig_db: "joomla-db";
$mosConfig_user: "adminweb";
$mosConfig_password: "hehehe-itsme";

Don’t forget to save the changes you’ve made. If you can’t save it, CHMOD the configuration.php file into 755, then after you save it don’t foget to CMHOD it again to 644.

Now you’re done. That is it folks. Just a few simple steps, right?  .

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