Was Hacked

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I notice this several hours ago from one Indonesian forums. I thought this was a joke, but it’s not. Hard to believe but it’s true, was hacked and not just that several sub domains under was also hacked, I noticed three sub domains were also hacked, they are:

Also four of them (including are using Joomla as the core CMS and some 3rd party extensions. One of Joomla team member RobInk said that are surely used the latest Joomla version which is Joomla 1.0.13.

The team is now still investigate the cause of this hack, wether it’s a server security hole of was it Joomla core system security hole. Joomla team is now still checking hudreds of mega bytes of log files. team will announce the cause of the hacked as soon as they got the answers.

Meanwhile, you can read the updates on this thread.

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