How To Upgrade To WordPress 2.5

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WordPress 2.5 have just been released couple weeks ago, it have a new design and obviously more features added.

Here are few simple steps to upgrade your previous version of WordPress to WordPress 2.5. Before you do theses steps, make sure you have backup everything (including files and database of your site).

Ok, here we go.

  1. Download the latest version of WordPress 2.5 from here.
  2. Deactivate all the plugins you used.
  3. Delete wp-includes and wp-admin directories which exist in your site.
  4. Upload the previously downloaded version of WordPress 2.5 to your server. And if it shows a warning message asking if you want to overwrite existing files just choose YES. This will change all the exisiting WordPress core files on your server with the new ones.
  5. Open wp-config.php file and check if the settings are correct (database name, database username, database password, database host anad table prefix).
  6. We now come to the final steps, login to your After logging in, you’ll see a warning message which tells you to upgrade your database structure, just do what it ask you and your done.

Simple, huh?

BTW, after your done, don’t forget to re-activate all your plugins and see which one is not compatible with WordPress 2.5. If it’s not compatible just download the latest version of the plugins.

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