How to Easily Pair Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote

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Amazon Fire TV Stick remote is the perfect holiday gift for the high-tech. Once you know how to pair Fire Stick remote, you can access all your favourite content from the HDMI port of a smart TV.

It also allows you to access the stored content even when you are travelling, away from the TV. 

The Fire Stick looks small, but it is a powerful device. You can access all the purchased media items in your Amazon account only with the help of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth remote, USB Fire Stick, and your HDMI port.

You can see Netflix recommendation, browse YouTube videos from your subscription channels, access cable TVs like HBO and ESPN, and listen to favourite music.

Setting up the Amazon Fire TV Stick for the first time is the main challenge. It also includes syncing the Fire Stick remote to make the device work properly.

There are several alternatives to pair this Fire Stick remote with your devices. You get plus points if you also know how to troubleshoot simple problems.

How to properly sync the Amazon Fire TV Stick remote? How to avoid and fix the typical beginner problems? Below is the guide for the first-time Fire Stick users. 

First Steps to Pair Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote

Using the remote to navigate to Amazon Fire Stick
Using the remote to navigate to Amazon Fire Stick

This first guide is the basic way to pair and sync your Amazon Fire TV Stick remote. This step requires a smart TV with HDMI ports, a working Wi-Fi, and the Bluetooth connection in the remote.

  1. Attach the Fire Stick USB into one of your TV’s HDMI ports.
  2. Turn on the TV to check if there is a chance on the interface.
  3. When Amazon Fire TV Stick source appears on the screen, connect it to the HDMI port source. Make sure the port is the same with your Fire Stick position.
  4. When Amazon Fire homes screen appears, press the Home button on the remote, and hold it for 15 seconds. If everything goes smoothly, there will be the message “New Remote Connected.”

When these steps not working properly, try taking several step backs. It may allow your new remote to work more properly.

Pair Amazon Fire TV Stick with Compatible Remotes

Depending on your Fire TV setting, you may pair the Fire Stick with other compatible remotes.

These remotes must have Bluetooth connection before you can attempt to pair them with the Fire Stick/Fire TV system.

  1. Turn on all the Bluetooth options in the remote and the Fire TV setting.
  2. Choose “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices” in the Fire TV setting page.
  3. Choose “Other Bluetooth Devices.” Click “Add.”
  4. Wait until the Fire TV finishes scanning for compatible remotes. If you have such devices, the screen will show the names.
  5. Choose one of the devices that appear on the Fire TV screen.

During this process, make sure all your devices have their Bluetooth connections on.

The Different Names for HDMI Connections

Unfortunately, many smart TV brands don’t call their HDMI connections “HDMI.” It can cause a lot of confusion when people are trying to sync the Fire TV, Fire Stick, and the remote.

Here are several default names companies use to promote their products.

Everything with “Link”

SimpLink (LG), VIERA Link (Panasonic), Aquos Link (Sharp), RuncoLink (Runco International).

Completely Different Names

CEC (Vizio), Anynet+ (Samsung).

Variations with the Words HDMI

Net Command for HDMI (Mitsubishi), Remote Interactive Open HDMI (Onkyo).

To make sure that you choose the right option, ask the manufacturer about the presence of HDMI ports, and the possibly different names applied to them.

Why You Need to Install Fire Stick TV App?

Once you install the Fire TV system and Fire Stick remote, make sure to install the app in your phone. Fire TV Stick app is available for Android and iPhone, and you can download it for free at the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Amazon Fire TV Stick iPhone app
Amazon Fire TV Stick iPhone app

In some cases, having the app is a better solution for people with active lifestyle than using the physical object.

Here are several benefits of using the Fire TV Stick App on your phone (compared to using the actual remote):

1. Handy and Practical

Most people nowadays depend on their phones to handle even the most mundane activities.

If you often stream using your phone, using the Fire Stick Remote app is an easier solution to enjoy the content.

2. Easier to Search for Something

While Fire Stick Remote makes browsing easier, an actual remote and TV pose more difficulties in searching for content.

With an app, you can easily use the phone’s keyboard to search for any terms you think of first.

3. Alexa Voice Controller

If you use the newest version of Fire TV and Fire Stick, you will notice the extra option for “Alexa features.” The newest version is connected to Alexa, giving you extra freedom in using Alexa features through the phone.

4. More Practical for Long Trip/Holiday

A Fire Stick remote is not exactly heavy, but it still looks bulky and odd when you decide to carry it. Using an app on the phone is a more sensible option.

You can access everything in your Amazon Cloud account without actually using a weird remote, and you didn’t? 

Installing the app is very easy; all you have to do is downloading the app and following all the prompts. Make sure that the Fire TV, Fire Stick, and other related devices are connected to the internet before you start.

Troubleshooting: Fire Stick Remote Stops Working

If your Fire Stick remote doesn’t work, either after the first installation or after a while, you can use the simplest troubleshooting steps.

  • Unplug the device and let it sit for one minute. Plug it again and see if it works.
  • If unplugging doesn’t work, try restarting the Fire TV by using the Power button.
  • Make sure all the devices and apps you use are verified. Fake or pirated apps and devices can cause a mess when you are trying to install a new device.
  • Check the battery condition. If you suspect that the batteries are old, remove and replace them with new batteries.

If these steps don’t work, you may repeat the steps of the first Fire Stick installation. If this process doesn’t work, check your warranty card to find the best repairment solution.

However, unless you buy a second-hand product, a brand-new product usually doesn’t give you much trouble.

Extra: Compatible Keyboard as Remote’s Alternative

Sometimes, you need to use other devices that are compatible with the Fire TV system. Several products may serve as a remote alternative. USB keyboards with Bluetooth, for example, provide a perfectly unique alternative to the regular Fire Stick Remote.

Keyboards such as iPazzPort Mini are practical and easy to store. Here are the steps to pair the keyboard with the Fire TV and Fire Stick systems:

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth option for all the devices. Make sure the wireless internet service is still connected.
  2. Click “Settings” and choose “Controllers & Bluetooth” devices.
  3. Click “Other Bluetooth Device” and add the listed device.

During this process, you should wait until the TV is finished with her scanning. Don’t turn off your wireless internet unless the scanning and installing process are finished.

Can You Use VPN for Fire Stick and Fire Remote?

Despite the freedom offered by Fire Stick and Fire Remote, these devices rely on search activities to find content that draws your interests.

Luckily, many VPN products are now available with Fire TV compatibility. The VPN helps to protect your privacy by hiding the search engine history.

VPN does not record your searches and traffics. It is a very important system that enables people with controversial jobs to get information.

VPN is also useful if you use your phone and apps when going out. The system blocks efforts to steal data when you use it at a public place.

What if you have to open an email (or type passwords to any websites) at a public Wi-Wi? Use the VPN to protect your sensitive information when the situation forces you to use public Wi-Fi.

Once you download the VPN, you can connect it with any devices and apps, including the Fire Stick and Fire Remote.


Installing your first Amazon Fire TV Stick remote can be quite a daunting, especially when it is the first time. If you follow all the steps carefully, there are big chances that you will succeed.

Knowing how to pair Fire Stick remote will help you to access numerous books, movies, music, and videos using one tool and the internet.

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