How to Fix Wyze Cam With Error Code 90

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Wyze Cam became one of the toughest contenders in the indoor security camera industry.

The product, launched by Wyze, the Seattle-based company, is even marketed around $20ish – below the average price of other similar cameras.

Another factor that makes Wyze Cam so popular is the number of free features available, which is certainly a big deal for the camera owners.

However, operating a camera device does not always run smoothly, and sometimes you will encounter issues, such as Wyze Cam error code 90.

To find out what are the factors causing Wyze Cam error code 90 and how to handle it in the right way, read on the details below. 

What Causes Wyze Cam Error Code 90?

Error -90 in Wyze Cam app

For those who are Wyze Cam users facing error code 90, here are some common causes of the issue:

Poor internet connectivity

Each user will find a different cause on the issue of error code 90. However, the most common problem is usually affected by poor internet connectivity.

This camera works completely due to internet connection support, which means an error or a problem with your Wi-Fi connection will greatly affect the performance of the Wyze Cam. 

So, can this camera still operate even if it’s not connected to the internet?

The answer is yes; Wyze Cam can still record and save data to its microSD. However, you will not be able to activate its sound and motion detection, streaming features, as well as adjust your camera setting via the Wyze App.

Incompatibility between the mobile device and Wyze cam

Error code 90 can also be triggered by the incompatibility of the mobile device and the camera. In fact, the Wyze camera can be operated without an internet connection

However, its setup must go through a series of primary steps, which you must first connect the camera with Wyze’s official app installed on your mobile device.

If your mobile device is not compatible with the camera, the setting process cannot be completed.

How to Fix Error Code 90 in Wyze Cam

If you encounter an error code 90 while setting up your Wyze camera, follow the steps below to resolve it:

1. Try to reboot your camera and smartphone

When you meet error code 90, the first thing you need to do is checking the performance of the Wyze app on your smartphone.

Does it work well? If you did find a problem, try rebooting your smartphone.

Do the same for the camera device. An error could have caused the issue in the camera’s software operations. After that, reconnect Wyze Cam with your smartphone via the available application.

2. Re-check if your smartphone is compatible with the camera device

The second way to overcome error code 90 is to find out the compatibility between your smartphone and the camera.

For this reason, visit the official website of Wyze and look for information regarding the operating system needed to run the camera.

In addition to the Wyze website, you can also check it on the application pages.

If it turns out that your mobile device does not support the camera operating system, then you need to find another suitable device.

On the other hand, if you find that your mobile device is compatible, try the first tips to resolve the issue of error code 90.

3. Re-check your internet connectivity

The final and usually the most successful step to resolve error code 90 is to double-check your internet connectivity. In the initial setup of the camera, you will indeed be asked to connect it to the internet.

After that, you can set it up through its official application that has been provided for the IOS and Android.

At this stage, when the condition of your Wi-Fi network is not optimal, the setup process will be interrupted and fail.

Therefore, try to turn off your router for a moment and restart it. After the internet network works again, re-connect your smartphone with the Wyze camera through its app.

Hopefully, the tips above can help you to fix the error code 90 issue on your Wyze camera.

Thus, you can, of course, enjoy all the amazing features offered by this incredibly affordable indoor security camera. For starters, Wyze Cam also offers a plethora of customizability options in its app for adjusting the settings.

4 thoughts on “How to Fix Wyze Cam With Error Code 90”

  1. MY CAMara was connected and working, the next morning is not responding, also this is connected with other camaras as a group, this camara is far from my present location, i tried to turn the camara off, but is not doing anything.

    how can i reset the camara from the app or other means.



  2. A relative bought Wyze cameras from ‘Wish’ store and it came straight from China.
    Im trying to help, It wont Setup To to wifi. I’ve Set up a few Of my own and know what im dOing. Camera speaks in Chines. The light blinks yelow setup button pushed it goes on i face it with the cell phone and the bar code but it continues to not go further flash yelOw and blue and never finishes or goes blue alone. Is the canera a paper weight? Can i do some with the router and its mac numbeRs. The router is set at wpa2 .,,,

  3. Hi, love your cameras. I have 4 and one just gave me the 90 error. I have tried everything I could find to reset or correct it. Nothing has worked including resetting to factory defaults. I think it broke. Please understand I’m not expecting anything. For the price I will buy another one. Just fyi.

  4. I have a couple other wyze cameras here at my home that are wor just fine this cam pan ive done Every thing and still keep getting the error code 90 i dont kno what else to do and actually it was my favorite one.


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