How to Fix PS4 That Won’t Turn On

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Your PS4 won’t turn on? That has got to be a real bummer, eh? As a common issue among Playstation 4 gamers, having your PS4 ‘betray’ you like this is heartbreak.

No more games and you cannot do so with games that you like. If that is the case, then you must do something about this.

The Reasons Why Your PS4 Won’t Turn On

Before we find the solution, start from the cause. How come your Playstation 4 refuses to budge when you try to activate it?

Not only that, sometimes you can only hear a beep. In other cases, some players also claim that there is only a slight flash but nothing happens after that.

Are you ready? These may be some of the reasons your PS4 is acting out like this:

1. Your PS4 power supply is infested by cockroaches or other bugs

As disgusting as this sounds, it is still a possibility. Cockroaches and other bugs can get into anything plastic, especially PS4 plastic-made console.

Crawling around the circuitry inside your PS4, they may accidentally zap themselves to death. As a side result, your PS4 suffers and refuses to be activated. Short circuits can do that.

2. You have either incorrectly connected or broken power cord

This does not always mean you are being reckless and clumsy when connecting your PS4.

The poor contact between the power cord and your PS4 console might possibly be the cause too. Plus, if the power cord cracks inside, then there is no chance for you to ever turn your PS4 on.

3. External factors, like lightning storms or power surges

These external factors are completely out of your hands. Lightning storms and power surges are both dangers that can possibly burn the power supply. If that happens, then no wonder why your PS4 won’t turn on.

Speaking of the lightning storms, sometimes it is hard to detect them as the cause for your Playstation 4 to stay dead instead of alive.

If your PS4 does not show any signals, that means that the lightning goes through the HDMI system. The chip is burned to crisp.

4. The power strip issue that kills off your PS4

Do not forget to check how you connect all things together. This includes your PS4 and the power supply.

Although your Playstation 4 may not have issues, it is the power strip that is not strong enough to supply it with power. Forget about trying to turn on your PS4. You might as well find another source for that.

5. The power button that fails

This also happens to all the other gadgets. Once the power button fails, good luck in trying to turn anything on.

This can occur from the number of times you punch the button that it begins to lose its sensitivity to touches.

It can get even worse faster if you punch it roughly, especially when you are too excited to play the game.

Youtube video explaining how to fix your PS4 power button

The 5 reasons mentioned above are the common causes of why your PS4 won’t turn on. If bug is the problem, then your Playstation 4 is basically history. Unless, of course, you turn to manual services or an expert for help, then there is not much that you can do about it.

If bug is not the problem, then you can try these 8 ways to bring your PS4 back to life.

8 Ways to Bring Your PS4 Back to Life Without Sacrificing Your Data

Let’s just face it, losing data is one of the PS4 gamers’ biggest, most common fears when it comes to this. However, you need not worry.

Once you have figured out the problem that causes your PS4 to not turn on, here are 8 solutions to bring it back to life…minus the expense of your data in it:

1. The power supply replacement

Related to the reasons above, the power supply will need replacement once it is infested by roaches. Not only disgusting, but these nasty critters will also definitely leave some components heavily corrupted.

In this case, you have no choice but to replace your PS4 power supply with a new one, so you can turn your PS4 on again.

If the power supply or power management chip is burnt—or you have problems with some of the components in the motherboard, ask an expert to help you to fix your PS4. It usually does not take long before you can start playing games again.

2. The power cable replacement

Check the power cable by connecting (or reconnecting) it. Here are the steps:

  • Disconnect the cable from your PS4.
  • Wait for half a minute.
  • Plug the cable back into your console.
  • Press the power button to check if it can be turned on. If not, go to the next solution below.

3. Connecting the console to the wall outlet

Don't forget to connect the console to the wall outlet properly
Don’t forget to connect the console to the wall outlet properly

Have a direct connection between the console with the wall outlet. The trouble with the power strip has already mentioned above: some of them are just not that strong enough for your PS4.

Still, the options are there. It is either you plug into the wall outlet directly or find a stronger power strip instead.

4. Fixing the power button

If you can do this by yourself, then why not? First, remove the button’s metal cover.

Check if the components are in mishaps. You can fix it a bit or ask someone more of an expert to do the job for you.

You follow this guide to help you fix your Playstation 4 power button.

If this way does not work, turn to the next solution below.

5. Cleaning the gathering dust in your PS4

Never underestimate dust, no matter how tiny and insignificant its particles seem like. You can do this by blowing into your PS4’s vents or disk drive.

You can also remove the top of your PS4’s plate to do the cleaning. After removing all the dust, try turning your PS4 on again.

6. Inserting a disk into your Playstation 4

Test your Playstation 4 by inserting a disk into it. For starters, plug the power cable into your Playstation 4.

Insert one disk as a test first, before you check. If the console is on, then you are good to go. Then pull the disk out. If it still does not work on, check out the next solution for your PS4.

7. The PS4 database rebuild

Rebuilding PS4 database will help you to turn your PS4 back on again. The thing about the PS4 database rebuild is when you have to clean up.

One of the risks is to delete the wrong files by accident. The only files to be deleted here are the already corrupted ones.

Still not working? Perhaps you need to check out the next advice right away.

8. Relying on specialized manual services

To some people, this is their last resort. Some others may be more thorough and decide to do this first when their PS4 consoles won’t turn on. Whatever you choose first, this step is the safest and most helpful possible.

First of all, refer to manual services. Call the related support center and send your devices in to be fixed.

Of course, this is also your opportunity to learn more about the issues related to the hardware in your Playstation 4 console.

You cannot try all of the ways above to get your PS4 to turn on. One by one is so much better than trying everything altogether.

Hopefully, you get to the bottom of the issue. If not, there is always an expert that you can really rely on.

If your PS4 does not turn on because of the lightning storm burning the chip, then purchase a surge protector to keep the same thing from happening again. Another alternative is to wait until the rain and storm stop, then you can play your PS4 again.

These are the reasons why your PS4 won’t turn on. Sometimes, no matter how careful you try to be, these things can still happen.

Thankfully, there are solutions to problems that ruin your Playstation 4. Hopefully, these solutions can help you to turn your PS4 on and get you to play games again.

So, what about yours? What makes your Playstation 4 refuse to turn on, no matter how much you try? What are the solutions to your problems?

Whatever you choose, hopefully, it works for you. Not only that, you can also help other people with the same problems too. That way, you will not hear them complain about why their PS4 won’t turn on anytime too soon.

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