Create Your Own iPhone Wallpaper

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Having the same ‘rain’ wallpaper as everyone else is a bit boring. Use the new found freedom Apple has given you to make your phone interesting. Now you may be thinking, “But I don’t know where to find the perfect wallpapers”. Now, this article isn’t just looking at the wallpapers.

We are also looking at the various applications that can help you make a nice wallpaper.

Create iPhone wallpaper with apps help

Dimensionz Wallpapers is a great application that helps make your wallpaper better. It gives your apps shelves by inserting in said shelves on top of the wallpaper.

It really makes your home screen much better. Another app that does a similar thing is Shelf Maker, again costing 99 cents. Shelf Maker looks a bit more casual, with a wide range of shelves.

I would personally choose Dimensionz Wallpapers if you want to make your wallpaper look that bit better (or worse, depending on your opinion).

Sadly there aren’t much more you can do, but you could use something like Photoshop Express if you want to get a bit more technical with your wallpaper. On a side note, the Photoshop Express app is a very nice application, well worth a download (it’s free by the way).

Now, all of these nice effects are useless without the accompanying wallpapers. Thankfully many applications exist that will help you find various wallpapers.

One of the best we have found is the All-IN-1 Wallpaper Box with Glow Effects – bit of a mouth full, but it contains more than 150,000 wallpapers, with more than 10,000 retina (960×640 resolution) wallpapers and it grows regularly. If you can’t find a wallpaper that you like, you’re not looking hard enough! And this app is in fact free.

Another app to source wallpapers from is 98,000+ Wallpapers HD & Glow Effects Backgrounds. This one isn’t free, but costs 99 cents instead. These wallpapers are surprisingly high quality given the vast quantity of them. Well worth the 99 cents if you are struggling to find wallpapers in the ‘All in 1′ app mentioned previously.

We’re not saying you have to get an app to get wallpapers

Another great option is to simply check sites such as InterfaceLIFT – a site that has a huge amount of great nature wallpapers taken by great photographers in a variety of resolutions, including all the iPhone and iPad resolutions.

They also make great desktop backgrounds as well.And what’s stopping you from taking your own photograph, perhaps using Camera+, to make the image pop. Then just crop the image and make it into a nice wallpaper.

So, get a wallpaper from either the apps or the internet, and then put it into a app such as Dimensionz Wallpapers, give it some shelves and then you should have a nice, creative iPhone wallpaper.

All these apps will hopefully help create your ideal home screen wallpaper. Of course, the iPhone is still very limited regarding customisation, compared to say the Android operating system.

Even so, many argue this is the appeal of iOS; it’s a simple, clean OS. Combine that with a high quality wallpaper and your iPhone will look great.

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