Create Custom RSS Feed With Views Module in Drupal

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By default, Drupal only provides RSS feed for all the items on your front page. What should you do if you want to create RSS only for one specific taxonomy term?  Well, did you now that you can create custom RSS feed using Views module?

Before we move on, please download Views module first and the activate it (I’m sure you know how to do this, right?). Ok here’s how to do it.

  1. The first step we need to do is go to Administer -> Site building -> Views.
  2. You’ll see couple of tabs on the top of the Views page, click on the “Add” tab.
  3. Type a name for the Views (no space and only alphanumeric and under score “_” are allowed).
  4. The “Access” section is to identify which roles will be able to see this view. Just leave it unchecked.
  5. Type a short a Description for this view.
  6. Now we go on the most important part, the “Page” section. Click on the “Page”, it will then opened and scrolled. Give a check mark on “Provide Page View”.
  7. On the URL, type “feed/DrupalCMS” (without quotes).
  8. On the View Type, select “View RSS: RSS feed”.
  9. Type a “Title” for it, e.g “Newest Articles on Drupal CMS”.
  10. Uncheck “Use Pager” and “Breadcrumb trail should not include Home” option.
  11. We go on to “Nodes per Page”, this option will determine how many article will be shown on the RSS feed, just type 10.
  12. After finishing all the setting on the “Page” section, we’ll go on to the “Field”  section. This section will determine what field will be shown on the RSS Feed. For this tutorial, just add “Node: Title” and “Node: Body” to the list.
  13. On the “Filters” section choose “Taxonomy: Term”, click on one of your taxomony term from the list, on this tutorial I have “Drupal” term in “Topics” vocabulary.
  14. Go on to the “Sort Criteria” section, and add “Node: Created Time” to the list, and don’t forget to change the “Order” from Ascending to Descending.
  15. Click the “Save” button, and that’s’re done.

If you followed the steps correctly, you can now se your new RSS feed from

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