Computer Forensics: Help Solving the Unsolved Case

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Computer forensics, not so many people have heard this term before, but without realizing it we have seen what computer forensics can do in the real world so many times. If you a CSI fans, I bet you know exactly what computer forensics definition is.

According to Wikipedia, computer forensics is one of forensic science branch that mostly discuss about crime evidence that can be found in computer or other digital storage media such as hard drives, DVD/CD ROM, USB Flash Disk, tape drives, emails and many more.

Sometimes the evidences being analyzed is damaged or corrupted, and that’s when all the tools and software comes very handy.

In most cases, investigator have to restore corrupted data in hard drives or even  “revive” formatted hard drives so the can see what’s inside it. Because every piece of information or data might be crucial to help them solve the case.

Thanks to computer forensics law-enforcement have solved so many cases that can’t the solved using traditional investigation techniques. Some of the cases include murder and missing person.

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