Choosing the Right Web Hosting For Your Video Sharing or Streaming Sites

This is part of our web hosting articles, we previously discussed about 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting.

The rise in video content sharing on the web makes video web hosting a must needed service for a number of webmasters.

Whether you put out videos for entertainment or to provide a set of video tutorials or how to instructions you could easily find a number of options available for hosting your videos online. Here are some things to think about before you choose a host:

Compatibility of the Host

Since videos can come in a number of formats you need to know what format you will be using for your videos and find out if your host will be able to support that format.

Among the more popular formats used today are Quicktime, Real, Flash and Windows Media Player. Some web hosts provide for the re-encoding of videos into different formats so you can make it easy for site visitors to view your videos.

Calculate your Space and Bandwidth Needs

Videos often require a huge amount of space plus the uploading, downloading and viewing of the videos would call for an enormous amount of bandwidth.

You will need to think about how much videos you plan to upload and estimate the amount of traffic to your video site.

Most video hosting companies have predefined packages that you can choose from to suit your space and bandwidth requirements. Calculate your needs and choose the one that is right for those needs.

How Large Are Your Videos?

Another point that you have to keep in mind is that a few hosting companies do restrict the file size on videos so if you plan to create lengthy videos you will have to search for a company that has no restrictions on file size.

Your Budget Is An Important Consideration?

Just as with standard hosting, the costs for video hosting vary from one company to the next. Determine what you are able to pay every month or year for your video hosting and choose the company that offers the best features for your budget.

You should also take the overage fees into consideration since you will be billed extra every time you exceed the disk space or bandwidth allocated to your account.

Customer Support

The cost of your hosting includes the use of the server space, bandwidth usage and support.

Will you need ongoing support, access to phone support and even management of the account? Will email support be sufficient for you? Find out beforehand the level of support that you will get with your package to see if it falls in line with what you need.

Would You Need Advance Features In Your Video Hosting?

If you need advanced video hosting features such as HD support, support for mobile devices, setup of private and public galleries, tools for analytics and others you will have to ask your host if they provide these features before you sign on.

Reading the web hosts reviews available online and the terms and conditions of the web host will help point you in the right direction. With some research you will be able to find the best videos web hosting provider.

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