– Inside Peek on Adobe’s Web-Based Document Collaboration Service

On June 1st, 2008 Adobe officially launched beta version for public use, and it’s free! is a web-based version of the popular PDF document creation apps. is all about simplifying the word “collaboration”. By using you can create documents together with your friends or partners and the share it with other people.

Inside the member page

Inside the member page

The service has 3 different set of applications that you can use

  1. Adobe Buzzword
    Helps you create and review documents together with your team.
  2. Adobe ConnectNow
    Very useful for web conferencing with up to 3 people. By using ConnectNow, you’ll be able to share your PC’s desktop an collaborate on a specific document real time.
  3. Organizer
    Helps you share your documents with your friends (5GB of space available).
Open PDF File on

Open PDF file on

Adobe said that their goal is big but yet so simple, they said that they want to change the way people works together on documents, for the better good. Well I think we should help them achieve their goal.

The Test

When I tried to test the Buzzword service, I waited so long to get my Word document to be converted to PDF (I’m using 1.5 MB/s internet connection). But when I tried it again with a different Word document it only took several seconds to convert. I wonder if any one experiencing the same issue.

Interested in trying the public beta version of Well, what are you waiting for, head over to to give a try.

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