How to Install and Use xVideoServiceThief Ubuntu Software

With the widespread of affordable broadband service, video streaming services has become viable for ordinary users. However, continuous video streaming could potentially strain the limited bandwidth and/or data usage quota

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If you have used a modern computer or smartphone, you might have encountered errors related to kernel. Kernel-related errors are common in computers and smartphones, and every operating system manifested

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Playstation 4 turns on and off problem

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Wyze Camera App for PC and Mac

Wyze CCTV camera

One of the most inexpensive home security products available is Wyze camera. Priced competitively, ranging from $17 to $25, the camera packs impressive features on its small stature, with some

8 Ways to Fix MacBook Camera Not Working

How to solved MacBook camera not working

Webcam is practically irreplaceable at this age. It is versatile hardware that allows you to participate in video chats, record vlogs, and more. Most laptops have a webcam preinstalled, and